A letter from the Arreola family

Good afternoon Jessica and nice to meet you, even if it is only by email. My name is Alejandro (Alex) Arreola from Monterrey Mexico.

First I want to apologize for not sending this email earlier. I really wanted to give a huge thank you for the toys that my kids received from you.

My sister Gaby, who lives in Houston, told me about the wonderful effort that you and your daughter did to gather toys for the kids that lost their things during the recent Houston flooding.

On November 22, we experienced something similar when a big landslide occurred in our neighborhood, and 4 houses fell down and were completely destroyed, our house kept standing (now it has been demolished) but at the very edge of the cliff that formed because of the slide; not being able to go back in the house and get our things. We are so glad that we are all ok, we figured that the material things are not that important and we will be able to get new things with our best efforts, but the fact that nothing happened to us, makes us give a great great value to our lives and know that there is a big purpose in each one of us.

We learned and discovered how helpful and caring, and friendly a lot of people are. We received so many calls, and so much support from a lot of people, some of them close, some others not that close, and some others like you that we didn’t even know at the time. It is great how people give the best of themselves during difficult times.

I wanted to thank you so much for the toys that you sent to my kids, they were so very happy when they got them, and how they gave them a new and different value than they used to have before.

Congratulations on your great and excellent accomplishment with helping the people from your city Houston (which we like a lot by the way) and also us who were lucky to receive that same affection from you.

Alejandro Arreola

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