Ellen DeGeneres Knows About Lily’s Toy Box!

One of Lily’s “Bucket List To Do’s” was to have Ellen DeGeneres hear about Lily’s Toy Box.  Guess what, IT HAPPENED! Lily was celebrated as one of Ellen & Cherrios One Million Acts of Good, Generation Good. Lily’s picture and a blurb about what she has been doing was on Ellentube. Jamie and I were so excited for Lily to get home from school so we could share the news with her. Later in the evening I asked Lily what she was feeling and Lily said “my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.” My dream for Lily is that her cheeks continue to hurt her entire life and that she never gets tired of sharing toys. To see the post of EllenTube, follow the link.  Ellen DeGeneres Knows About Lily’s Toy Box!

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