My children received gifts from Lily’s Toy Box after their entire playroom flooded from Hurricane Harvey. We are grateful that they were able to get a sense of fun and normalcy back to their lives so quickly through these gifts while we worked on rebuilding our homes and lives.
– Jill Nesting, mother of 2

You were a shining light for so many people during a very difficult time. You are a role model of kindness and generosity. You are such a special person and we are grateful for your joyful spirit. The toys you shared with us are so appreciated, but the gift you and your gave us by your example with last a lifetime!
Thank you,
Sarah & Delaney Boucher

After my house flooded in Harvey I was very sad and Lily invited me to her house to pick out a toy. I got a huge stuffed Lion and some shopkins and it made my heart happy.
– Karley Spence, Age 7

Dearest Jessica & Lily,
In times like these there are a lot of tears shed, but the tears that came out of our hearts because someone touched them so deeply are the ones that clean our souls.
Thank you for bringing those tears to our eyes,
The Arreola Family

After Harvey, Lily came to our aid at just the right time. Christmas was a very difficult time for our family financially and with the help of Lily’s Toy Box we were able to gift our seven year old daughter with an American Girl Pastry Cart and some stocking stuffers. Christmas was a success thanks to Lily and her generosity.
– Andrea Spence

Dear Lily,
I’m Dylan and thank you. I really appreciate you for this gift. And thank you for thinking about me during the storm.
– Dylan Richardson

Today was great!!! The boys loved the legos, kept them busy playing till dinner time. Lily is so kind to think of this for these kids.
– Ashley Bagwell

Dear Mrs. DuBose & Lily,
Thank you so much for the emoji light, braid book and gift card. I really love the way the light looks in my room. I use the braid book often and sometimes I practice styles on my mom and friends! I bought a gallon of glue to make slime with my giftcard.
Thank you!

Jessica and Lily,
Our family is extremely happy with your continuous help. You will be in our hearts and thoughts forever.
Thank you,
Aurora Rodriquez

Thank you for your hard work, generous spirits and huge hearts! Thank you for blessing Over with a dinosaur set, a puzzle and glow-in-the-dark stars. Thank you for spreading Christmas cheer and embodying the true meaning of Christmas. We’re so blessed by your actions and generous heart.
Christina and Oliver

Dear Mrs. DuBose and Lily,
Thank you so much for all those toys you gave me. I enjoyed putting the lego sets together. I loved the Star Wars set so much. It’s so cool that you raised toys.

You are an “Elf” on Earth! Know that you have BLESSED, INSPIRED and Made the World so round and round. Now cozy up with some hot chocolate and rest sweet girl.
Love The De La Rosa Family

Lily DuBose has a heart of gold. She ran a “toy drive” during Hurricane Harvey, it started small as a third graders would. But it grew…and grew. Before you know it – it grew to local news. What happens when a third grader and her spirit wants to help others during one of the most horrific hurricanes that ever hit Houston, well, word spreads. And boy did her toy drive spread. We witnessed this event. This little girl and her should helped so many Houstonians – it’s unreal. Her spirit is alive in this city and it continues. Her smile and drive for life is contagious. Long live Lily and her toy drive.
– Suzanne Riggs